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:tries to figure out other ways in addition to the exercises to get Paul's shoulder ready for active duty:

:knows Paul is going to find it odd when he pouts for the bottom to make Paul use his shoulder, starts improptu wrestling match and makes him pick up heavy things:


Flocked only to those who need to know:

As some of you are aware, Dr Jackson has been diagnosed with PTSD as a cumulative result of recent stresses. It's nothing serious, mostly causing just some mood swings and occasional violent outbursts, but obviously this makes it dangerous for him to go offworld. He's getting treatment and those of you who are on the list of approved visitors are encouraged to drop by during visiting hours.

*mopes a bit, appreciating Mitchell's attempts at cheering him up but is ready to strangle the man if he doesn't stop snoring loudly enough to shake the entire house*
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Easter weekend was great until Sam brought the brats by. *teasing, of course* I got 'em hyped up on more sugar after they left Jackson's and Davis's. Plus slipped Momma a few mood enhancers while they looked the other way.

Hey, Davis? Wanna go joggin' this evenin' like I offered?